Add configuration option to permit collection of more execution plans

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Currently DBMarlin appears to limit SQL execution plan collection to only the top 10 statements. Please add an option to collect more (or all!) execution plans

1 year ago

Mick Mcguinness

Good idea. How far down the list would you need to go? If we set explain top N too high that might become an overhead so probably need some safeguard built-in.

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Hi Mick, could there be maybe a feature to also be able to load an execution plan on demand? Besides the bulk load of top N? Like if we investigate a few sql statements related to one User even if they are not in top N we could load execution plan on demand for each instead of checking it in DB.

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Lennart Jonsson

@Paulavicovan: I also think this would be a good feature. On the fly be able to explain a particular statement, not necesarly keep the plan in DBmarlin

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