Add graph export as image (e.g. png)

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It would be useful to be able to generate static graph images for (for example) automated email reports

1 year ago

Mick Mcguinness

Having discussed this on our call, I see that you need to be able to get the DBmarlin screenshot including graphs for specific screens using Chrome Headless to generate your AsciiDoc PDF reports.

DBmarlin charts are generated client-side in the browser but Async from the onload event for the page so the screenshot might trigger before the charts are rendered unless you are able to wait for the DOM element to be visible or just wait for a number of seconds to make sure the charts have load before taking the screenshot.

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Mick Mcguinness

With the charting library, we use it is possible to add Download as PNG/SVG/JPG/PDF to individual charts like this:

That wouldn't be that difficult to add.

Automated email reports would need the chart to be generated on the server-side rather than the client browser which is technically possible too but would need more work like a scheduler, email generator and configuration around what to include in the email and who to send it to.

I think both are good ideas, but let me know which you were thinking of.

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