Custom time selection

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Custom time selection improvements

  1. display time-zone of selected time interval (possibility to choose UTC would be nice)
  2. Predefined custom times like - Last hour is actually relative to when the page was first loaded. If I open a page and look for a statement for the last hour, then 10 minutes later I refresh page it will show me results from last hour-10 minutes ago (would be nice to also have auto-refresh)

1 year ago

Mick Mcguinness

Thanks for the suggestion.

  1. In the UI the time zone defaults to the time zone of the user's browser. The DBmarlin server may be in a different time zone and the monitored databases could be in different time zones again but it should all hang together.

  2. If you select the Last 1-hour and then from the selector choose Last 10 mins it should be Last 10 mins from now when you click. If you then wait some time and then choose Last 10 mins again the time will shift along and it will be Last 10 mins from now. The idea of an Auto-refresh button is something we have looked at and might add in a future update. Right now though selecting the time period again will auto-update so it is just 2 clicks instead of 1.

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