02 June 2023

DBmarlin Instana button links to wrong service in Instana

💪 Now available


Fixed in v3.4.0

30 March 2023

Check if LANG is set in

💪 Now available


Tried configuring dbmarlin on a RHEL7.9 box. It took some time to figure out why it did not succeed, but configure passes $LANG down to postgres lc_messages. When LANG is not set, havoc awaits;-). A simple test in configure would avoid that:

if (( $EUID == 0 )); then
"Please don't run as root. We recommend you create a dbmarlin user."

  • LANG=$(locale | grep "LANG")
  • if [ -n ${LANG} ]; then
  • echo "Please set LANG, i.e. export LANG=<your choise>";
  • exit 1;
  • fi

DIR="$(cd "$(dirname "$0")" && pwd)"